Federation of the Seven Towers

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Federation of the Seven Towers
Flag of Federation of the Seven Towers
Motto: "Plus Ultra" (Latin)
"Further Beyond"
Anthem: "The Hand of Death"
CapitalThe 7th Tower of Alden
Official languagesAl-Tiin
• Kyyt Mous
C. A.
• Total
.0043 km2 (0.0017 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)

The Federation of the Seven Towers, often simply referred to as FST or F7T, is a micronation in Texas. On 27 March 2022, the federation declared independence from the United States of America in order to build a more free and based state.


The Federation of the Seven Towers was founded on 27 March 2022. The national day is celebrated on 14 July, in honor of the nation's leader and founder. The national anthem is "The Hand of Death," which is just Scarified by Racer X. The official motto is Plus Ultra, which is Latin for "Further Beyond."

Politics and government

The Federation of the Seven Towers is a Plutocracy, with power being given solely to the head of the government, Kyyt Mous.

The position is held for a lifetime. Kyyt Mous must listen to citizens' ideas for laws, but is not required to act upon a request.


Many confuse the star on the flag as a Wiccan or Satanic symbol, but it symbolizes the Five Wounds of Christ, as that was the pentagram’s original symbolism.

Law and order

Interpretation of the law is done through a Kyyt Mous.

The Military of the Federation has a branch strictly devoted to policing civilians.

Foreign relations

The Federation believes in peaceful relations with other countries. However, the Federation also condemns any nation that speaks of it in a negative connotation by declaring war.

Currently, the Federation is a nation within the Group of Six.


Mutually Recognized States

Enemies (Sanctions Imposed)

Charges: pro-socialism, pro-Nazism, pro-Hitler, criticism and conspiracy against the Federation of the Seven Towers, Blasphemy against our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.[citation needed]

Charges: Instigation.

Charges: anti-Semitism

Charges: Sanctions imposed on the FST.

Charges: Racism, pro-Anarchy, pro-Socialism, pro-Communism.


The Federation of the Seven Towers has a military, the Military of the Federation. There is an infantry branch, air force, cyber, and the state-owned space program helps with weapons development.

National holidays

  • The Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - 1–31 April
  • The Day of the Federation - 14 July
  • The Birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - 18 December to 1 January


The economy of the Federation of the Seven Towers is strictly capitalist, with strong government supervision, to ensure the safety of consumers. There is a flat tax rate of 10% on all purchases. There is no other tax imposed on citizens, businesses, or corporations.


Media is supervised by the government, but does not encounter censorship.

Government-run institutions

The government owns a few institutions, in order to better the country in a way that a private company could not.

Customs of the Federation

The Customs Department is responsible for immigration management, visa issuance, and citizen application processing. It has jurisdiction over visa and citizenship applications and works with the MF to combat illegal immigration.

National Bank

The Federation of the Seven Towers has a national bank, which is the only bank, to ensure that inflation is kept under control, while also controlling the nation's monetary policy.

Seven Towers Airlines

The Federation owns an airline, which is based in the nation, and is the only airline that flies into the nation.

The Space Program of the Federation

The Federation is dedicated to space exploration and conquest, so the SPF was founded.

The Federation Media Outlet

Although the Federation allows media expression, it only officially endorses the Federation Media Outlet.