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President R.M. Grainger

GovernmentFederal Republic
- UachtaránR.M. Grainger
- TaoiseachR.M. Grainger (acting)

Scorian Government website

The President

His Excellency Uachtarán (President) R.M. Grainger is Father of the nation and current head of state of the Republic of Scoria.

Until elections for a Dáil (Parliament) can be held R.M. Grainger also holds the position of acting Taoiseach (Prime Minister) and Minister for foreign affairs.

The Uachtarán resides with the First Lady and First Daughter in Scoria's capital Riverstown, an exclave fully surrounded by the Republic of Ireland.

Being a collector of timepieces R.M. Grainger admires precision engineering as well as beauteousness and design. He is a strong supporter of a united world without borders where all people can live in peace and amicable coexistence. The Uachtarán advocates the protection of the environment, equal rights for every citizen of the world, the end of all conflicts, and the right to education for everyone.

The President's political compass

R.M. Grainger is at home in the left-liberal spectrum.
Grainger chart.png

The Nation

The Republic of Scoria is a micronation that declared independence on March 3, 2018. Scoria consists of the two islands of An Scairbh (Scariff) and Duínis (Deneesh), located at the far south west of the Island of Ireland, and the exclave and capital Riverstown.

After both islands were very neglected by the irish government R.M. Grainger took possession of both islands in the Atlantic Ocean and declared them as independent by forming the new Republic of Scoria. R.M. Grainger declared himself as interim Uachtarán (President) until elections can be held. The Uachtarán will be elected by direct vote by all full age citizens of Scoria.

Scoria will be governed by a democratically elected government. A Taoiseach (Prime Minister) who is elected by the Dáil (Parliament) runs the government which is appointed by the Uachtarán (President).

Titles, honours and arms

National honours

  • Flag scoria.png Scoria:
    • Scorian Medal of Friendship - Ribbon.svg Federal Cross of Merit of Scoria (15 Sep 2020)

Foreign honours

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