Ruairí de Créag

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Rúairí de Créag
Vice-President Rúairí Séamas de Créag NAM

Vice President of Leylandiistan
Time in Office August 12, 2013 - July 2014
Predecessor (Office Created)
Successor (No subsequent office holder)
Full name
Rúairí Séamas de Créag
Born February 06, 2000
Cork, Ireland
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholic

Rúairí de Créag is a Leylandiistani-Irish micronationalist. He currently resided in the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan from its foundation until his departure in July 2014. He was vice president of the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan from August 2013 to July 2014. Consul de Créag co-founded Leylandiistan with Consul Fionnbarra Ó Cathail on 3 November 2012. He was co-consul of the country until August 12, 2013, when he became Vice President under President Fionnbarra Ó Cathail.


Leylandiistani Politics

Advances in Government

After co-founding Leylandiistan, Craig went on to be one of the first two members of government along with Consul Fionnbarra Ó Cathail. In government de Créag was secretary for Finance, Health, Sports, the Arts, Public Order and Law. De Créag was also the governer of the Robinscourt Territory, where he lived. He resided in Maple Hill, the capital of Leylandiistan. During the formative months of Leylandiistan, he oversaw construction of Leylandiistan's first health centre. He also created the Leylandiistan National Racquet Sports Association (LNRSA) which organizes the sports of tennis, squash and badminton in Leylandiistan, and the National Aerobics Centre, an aerobic fitness facility in the capital of Leylandiistan, Maple Hill.

2013 General Election

On February 21, 2013, de Créag established the Centralist Democratic Party of Leylandiistan, of which he became the leader. De Créag ran in the Leylandiistani general election on 12 August for President of Leylandiistan. He ran as leader of the CDP, and came second. He was elected as vice president, while Fionnbarra Ó Cathail was elected president.

End of Micronational Career

De Créag began to lose interest in micronationalism after the constitutional referendum in Leylandiistan in March 2014. He did not take part in any government activity after that, until several months later at the cabinet meeting of 17 July 2014. After the meeting Robinscourt seceded from Leylandiistan with de Créag as head of the new state, known as the Maple Federation. Two weeks later the Maple Federation ceased to exist, thus ending de Créag's time as a micronationalist.