Autonomous Republic (Leylandiistan)

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An Autonomous Republic is a geographical division within Leylandiistan. It is a term which describes a territory of Leylandiistan which is populated and has its own regional semi-autonomous government.


Autonomous Republics in Leylandiistan each have their own government, called a Regional Council. The Regional Council can pass by-laws, which affect every area under the Council's jurisdiction. Every single citizen of the autonomous republic sits on the Regional Council of their republic. Each Regional Council has one representative in the National Assembly. The representative of the autonomous republic acts on behalf of his/her regional council. When national legislation is being debated, the final draft is sent to every regional council for review. The representative then votes in the National Assembly based on the decision of the regional council. As regional councils comprise of every citizens of the autonomous republic, there are no local elections in Leylandiistan, although citizens can refuse to sit on the regional council if they wish.

Legislation and Official Status

The Constitution clearly defines what an autonomous republic is, and what it is comprised of:

  • Article 4.1a: "An Autonomous Republic will be any territory with resident citizens. It will have its own Regional Council."
  • Article 4.3: "An Autonomous Republic may join Leylandiistan if a referendum in which all itsregistered citizens vote is held, and if the result of the referendum is a majority in favour of joining."
  • Article 4.4: "An Autonomous Republic may leave Leylandiistan if a petition containing the signatures of all the territory’s citizens is presented to the National Assembly. A referendum must then be held, and the Autonomous Republic may leave Leylandiistan’s jurisdiction if the majority of the citizens support the departure of jurisdiction."
  • Article 6.5: "There will be a number of seats for each Autonomous Republic in the National Assembly. The Regional Council in each territory will send forward one representative for every four citizens to the National Assembly, who will be decided by a majority vote of the Council’s members. Once elected to the National Assembly the representatives will be known as Members of the National Assembly (MNAs)."
  • Article 6.4: "There will be a Regional Council in each Autonomous Republic. Every registered citizen in the respective territory will sit on the Regional Council while the population of the territory is under 15. In the case that it is larger than 15, 15 members will be elected by referendum."

List of Autonomous Republics of Leylandiistan

Name Name in Irish Capital National Assembly Delegate Population Approx. Area (m²)
Robinscourt Cúirt Roibín Maple Hill (Cnoc an Mailp) Ruairí de Créag 3 300m²
Cubbyhole An Caochóg Orchardtown (Baile an tÚllghort) Fionnbarra Ó Cathail 3 100m²