Andhika Rama Prakasa

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His Excellency
Comradsiyy Andhika Rama Prakasa


VP Rama and Rian,2008.jpg
1st Prime Minister of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
LBP Coat of Arms.png
Assumed office:

October 14 2009

Preceded by: Position Established
Succeeded by: None (Adly Nurfikriansyah
2nd Vice President of Los Bay Petros
Assumed office:

December 7 2009

Preceded by: Adly Nurfikriansyah
Succeeded by: Adly Nurfikriansyah
Personal information
Born: 5 September 1998 (1998-09-05) (age 25)
Macronationality: Indonesian
Micronationality Los Bay Petrosian
Residence 1 km Northwest from Mainland (Harkit, Tangerang)
Religion Islam
Political Party Civil's Welfare Party
LBPAF Rank None

Andhika Rama Prakasa (born September 5 1998) is the second Vice President of the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. He was chosen by president Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman to took the vice president role after the ex-vice president, Adly Nurfikriansyah was fired by the president because he helps Revi Alfianto in the December 2009 uprising.


Rama was born on September 5 1998 in Bandung, Indonesia. On 2008, he founded the Republic of Stranglerd with the former minister of future develompments, Raka Hadhyana as the vice president. Later he signed the Super Port Treaty in October 14 2008 to joins the Petrovakian Federation (Former Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros). After the collapse of the Petrovakian Federation, he's signed the New Petrovakia Treaty (Alongside with Adly Nurfikriansyah and

Founding Fathers of LBP

Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman) and took the Prime Minister position. On the national uprising, he was chosen by president Adriansyah to be the vice president of Los Bay Petros after Adly was fired. On February 2010, after the Los Bay Petrosian Intelligence Agency found a scandal about Rama, he resigns as the Vice President and The VP is change to Adly Nurfikriansyah.

Now, he lives in West Los Bay Petros and has been retired from micronationalism


Preceded by: Prime Minister of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros Succeded by:
Position Established October 2009 - December 2009 Adly Nurfikriansyah
Preceded by: Vice President of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros Succeded by:
Adly Nurfikriansyah December 2009 - February 2010 Adly Nurfikriansyah