Los Bay Petrosian Passport

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Los Bay Petrosian Passport
Paspor Los Bay Petros
caption = Ordinary passport cover
Ordinary passport cover
caption2 = Passport Information Page
Passport Information Page
Issued byLos Bay Petrosian Immigration Authority
First issuedOctober 2009
Purposecross-border identification
Valid inLos Bay Petros
EligibilityMinimum age of 10
Expirationevery 9 years

Los Bay Petrosian passports are issued to citizens of Los Bay Petros for identity and intermicronational travel purposes. Receiving a valid passport is mandatory from the age of 10, but passports can be requested for younger children if needed for travel purposes. Passport is valid for 9 years (if citizen is older than 60 years, then valid for the rest of his/her life). Non-citizen passports, and permanent resident-documents (in a passport-like format), are also issued.

All passports in Los Bay Petros is issued by Los Bay Petrosian Immigration Authority, which until now only opens an immigration offices in Bayrschtein, Labstadt, and Faizingrad. There's a fee required to create a passports in Los Bay Petros. Each passport requires a 75RL immigration tax to issue a passport.

Types of Passport

  • Regular passport (Indonesian: Paspor reguler), also referred to as Black Passport (Indonesian: Paspor reguler). It is issued to;

Los Bay Petrosian citizens who don't qualify for any of the following passport types.

  • Tanah Baru passport (Indonesian: Paspor Tanah Baru), also referred to as Blue Passport (Indonesian: Paspor biru) is a special passports for Tanah Baruan citizens to travel across Micrasian micronations, the regular black passports also can be used to Micras, but requires a special Tanah Baruan visa for embarkation to Micras.
  • Diplomatic passport (Indonesian: Paspor diplomatik), also referred to as Green Passport (Indonesian: Paspor hijau). It is issued to;
    • Members of the National Legislative Council, and the cabinet members
    • Head judges of the judicial organs, and their deputies
    • Diplomats
    • Negotiators that are to deal with intermicronational issues

Passport Note

The Los Bay Petrosian passports contain a note from the issuing state that is addressed to the authorities of all other states, identifying the bearer as a citizen of that state and requesting that he or she be allowed to pass and be treated according to international norms. The note inside Los Bay Petrosian passports states:

In Indonesian: Pemerintah Los Bay Petros memohon kepada semua pihak yang berkepentingan untuk mengizinkan kepada pemegang paspor ini berlalu secara leluasa dan memberikan bantuan dan perlindungan kepadanya.

Paspor ini berlaku untuk seluruh dunia mikronasional.

In English: The Government of Los Bay Petros requests to all whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance and afford him/her such assistance and protection.

This passport is valid for all parts of the micronational world.


Los Bay Petrosian passports use a bilingual English and Indonesian languages in all sections and types of passports.

Identity information page

  • Photo
  • Type (REG, TNBR, DIP)
  • Country Code (LBP)
  • Passport No. (1X12345, eg. 2S39483)
  • Full Name
  • Sex (M/F)
  • Nationality (Los Bay Petrosian)
  • Macronationality (eg. Indonesia)
  • Place/Date of birth (Place, mmm dd yyyy)
  • Date of issue (mmm dd yyyy)
  • Date of expiry (mmm dd yyy, 9 years after the date of issue)
  • Issuing office (city/town where the passport is issued)
  • Signature of bearer
  • Issuing authority (signature, name, stamp), usually Chief Immigration Office