Los Bay Petrosian - Shuffle War

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Los Bay Petrosian - Shuffle War
DateApril 28th 2011 - June 26th 2011
August 25th 2011- May 2012
Dredim Capital Region, Los Bay Petros
United Work City, Shuffle
Status Los Bay Petrosian victory, integration of Shuffle to Los Bay Petros
Republic of Shuffle Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
Commanders and leaders
Andi Rafly
Audric Fluentio
Rifki Adi
Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
Indrawan Prasetyo
Muhammad Hady Faiz
Adimas Raditya
Helmi Fairuz Kalahari
Varyeza Nurrafy Almatsier
7 32

The Los Bay Petrosian - Shuffle War is a war between Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros and the Republic of Shuffle. The war began on April 28 2011, after the Shufflians declared war on Los Bay Petros to annex Los Bay Petrosian territory in northeastern Dredim. The war ended on May 2012 when the Shuffleian president sent a letter for Shuffleian integration into Los Bay Petros.


The war is the second time Los Bay Petros has to deal with the Ding-Ding-Dong separatist movement. Previously, the Ding-Ding-Dongs attempted to annex Los Bay Petrosian territory in Dredim, and faced condemnation by prime minister Indrawan Prasetyo,


who proposed an aggression pact No. 1 to the National Legislative Council. The members of the NLC immediately approved the proposal and sent the 221st brigade 1st Conscript to attack the rebel base near Dredim. Aggression began on March 31, 2011, after the leader of Ding-Ding-Dong was told that his base would be attacked by the Los Bay Petrosian Armed Forces. By the leadership of Indrawan Prasetyo and


the Ding-Ding-Dong commander Andi Rafly, the two decided to start the war in virtual territory to prevent any realistic losses.

On March 20, 2011, the Ding-Ding-Dongs finally surrendered after suffering heavy losses. Following the aftermath, the government decided to disband the My Party, which would have participated in the 2011 Elections.

The Ding-Ding-Dongs, however, did not give up their mission. So, in mid-April of 2011, the Ding-Ding-Dongs rise again with the name of Shuffle Nation. Shuffle Nation is their second try to annex the territory. So, on April 28, 2011, they declared war on Los Bay Petros.


Declaration of War

The Shuffle Nation, led by president Andi Rafli, sent a declaration of war message to Los Bay Petrosian president Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman via mail. He condemned the war and asked Shuffle to surrender or it will be attacked. The Shufflians refused and starts to mobilize their armies to attack Los Bay Petros. As a result, on April 29 the Los Bay Petrosian government declared war on Shuffle. The official declaration is said to arrive at the Shufflian government on May 3.

Shuffle's Blitzkrieg

On May 2, the Shufflian Army starting to launch their fast attack or Blitzkrieg on the Dredim area by storming the Killarney and Charleston district. No injuries was found in the attack, but several minor damages could be seen and the Shufflian tries to take Los Bay Petrosian weapon equipment in Killarney Airbase, but failed after the military guards keep them off.

Los Bay Petrosian Counterattack

On May 6 to 7, the Los Bay Petrosian Armed Forces launched a conterattack to the Republic of Shuffle. This counterattack was made after the Shufflian attacks and almost seize the northeastern part of Dredim, the LBPAF launches the Dredim 1st Battalion to attacks the Shufflian and their mission also, to take down one of the high-ranking officials of the Shufflian Republic.

The ceasefire still undergoing on May 7, when the Shufflian still resist in the northeastern Dredim. As follows, one of their soldiers wounded after the LBPAF personnel hit him in the back.

Shuffleian Brainwashing

On mid-May, the Shuffleian started to operates brainwashing operation to the inhabitants that lives near their base in the Northeastern Dredim. Lead by Rizki Putro Utomo, they begin to start a vandalism and other things that disturbing the Dredim City. This operation revealed by the LBPIA after one of the LBPIA's agent goes undercover but failed after the Shuffleian government knows about what the LBPIA do.

The leader of the brainwashing operation, Rizki Putro Utomo has been sentenced for the Persona Non Grata status alongside with Shuffleian agent who get caught by the LBPAF, Rafi Alief.

Armistice Pact

On June 15, 2011, one half month after the war began, the Shuffleian side are decided to took negotiations with the Los Bay Petrosian side on the demilitarized zone outside Dredim. This done after the Shuffleian side suffer heavy losses and also run in debt of 5 million Shuffleian Guldens after they guilty against the charges that Los Bay Petrosian side set up.

The negotiation ran quickly but not violent. The Shuffleian side decides to create an Armistice Pact, but didn't stop the war. The 2 sides are agree with the statements and they finally signed the pact.

Battle of Pangandaran

On June 25 2011, the LBPAF's Prianganstad 1st Regiment attacks the Shuffleian southern base in Pangandaran Beach, West Java (210 km Southeast of Prianganstad). A temporary fortress named "Camp Sergey Mikhalkov", was built near the Shuffleian Base to train the LBPAF personnel before the attack.

The attack began on 17:00 when the leader of the Prianganstad Regiment, Abdi Rizqi launched several attacks on the Shuffleian base. The Shuffleian counterattack slightly damaged the CSM, but their own base almost shattered by the LBPAF. On 18:00, the Shuffleian finally surrendered and the Shuffleian flag in their base was downed.

End of the first part of the War

On June 26 2011, the Los Bay Petrosian side and the Shuffleian side negotiated about how to overcome the mess of the war and also ending the war. Firstly, the Los Bay Petrosian side accuse that the Republic of Shuffle has create a violent situation in Los Bay Petros and demanding compensation of 60,000,000 Shuffleian Guldens at stake of trespassing Los Bay Petrosian territory, creating a mass violent and violate much of Los Bay Petrosian laws. The Shuffleian denies. But, after several envidence that LBPIA gave to the Shuffleian side, they finally admitted what they've done.

And after the negotiation ended, the both sides finally agree to made a pact to end the war called the "Pangandaran Pact", named by the place of negotiation. The pact made the both side must build a Demilitarized zone or DMZ across the LBP - Shuffle border. The pact finally signed by the two factions and end the war. But, after the Shuffleian side broke the rule, the war breaks out again.

National Day Attack

On October 14 2011, right in the celebration of the 2nd National Day of Los Bay Petros, the LBPAF faces a surprise attack from Republic of Shuffle in the Northeastern part of Charleston district. Nevertheless, after the flag ceremony in Killarneyplatz is over, all of LBPAF personnels who was stationed to guard the ceremony immediately moved to the battlefront near Allevon. No injuries has been found in the battle, but two of Shuffleian generals captured.

Intermicronational response

Support for Los Bay Petros

  • Empire of Starland.jpg Empire of Starland: The Imperial Government states it is saddened to hear of the ongong hostilities in Los Bay Petros and is fully willing to provide political support.
  • Istorian Flag.gif Kingdom of Istoria: Even though the Kingdom has declared political support since May 21, it's considering actually being involved in the war.
  • ComradeMr Republic: The activities and war plans of the Shuffle Nation are not likeable to say the least.
  • Bascal flag.jpg State of Bascal
  • Republic of Kuhugstan.png Republic of Kuhugstan


Support for Shuffle