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Petrovakian Federation Flag
Republic Flag of Los Bay Petros is the state flag of Los Bay Petros. The flag was created by Adly Nurfikriansyah on October 17th 2009. Before that, Los Bay Petros still using the old Petrovakian Federation flag, which is copied the tri-color Russian flag. Then, On October 21st 2009, Los Bay Petros uses The Blue Star Flag
The Blue Star flag
. The first flagpole is on November 18th 2009, when the constitution of Los Bay Petros is finally approved.

Los Bay Petrosian mostly flying in Los Bay Petrosian territory, but there's no law that makes flying the Los Bay Petrosian flag as a compulsory. The tallest flagpole that holds the Los Bay Petrosian flag is in the Killarneyplatz in Bayrschtein, which has a high of 4 meters.

The Current Flag Of Los Bay Petros