Politics of Los Bay Petros

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Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros

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Politics and government of
the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros

Los Bay Petros is a federal republic with a semi-presidential system. As a semi-unitary state, power is concentrated both in the central government and the local government in each states. The president of Los Bay Petros is the head of state, the director of domestic governance, policy-making, and foreign affairs. The president appoints a council of ministers, who are not required to be elected members of the legislature. The president may serve a maximum of infinite three-year terms. The National Legislative Council said the maximum serving time was made to be infinite to tell if the president is good enough according to the elections result.

The highest representative body at national level is the National Legislative Council (NLC), which consists of 12 representative from each party who dominates in a region. Its main functions are supporting and amending the constitution, inaugurating the president, and formalizing broad outlines of state policy. The NLC is unicameral, and party-aligned members are elected for annual terms by proportional representation. The Parliament building itself located in Dredim and Labstadt.

Executive Bodies

Main article: President of Los Bay Petros, Vice President of Los Bay Petros, and Prime Minister of Los Bay Petros

In Governmental system of Los Bay Petros, there are 3 highest government bodies in Los Bay Petros. Which are the President, Vice President, and Prime Minister. All of the executive governing bodies are elected from a once a 3-year elections and inaugurated by the National Legislative Council.

As the highest governmental in-command of Los Bay Petros, the President of Los Bay Petros is the head of state and also government of Los Bay Petros and the

The 5 main components of the government

president is elected every 3 years and there's no term limit for the president itself. And since the federal republic was founded, only one person who has served as president. Which is, Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman

The Vice President of Los Bay Petros is the second-in-command of the president and the second highest governing body in Los Bay Petros. The vice presidents job is to help the president's work and also representing the president in a parliament meeting if the president was absent. The current vice president of Los Bay Petros is Alessandro Syafei Rashid.

And the third highest governing body in Los Bay Petros is the Prime Minister. Prime Minister in Los Bay Petros works as the head of the government alongside of the President. Since the establishment of Los Bay Petros, there has been 6 prime ministers. The current prime minister of Los Bay Petros is Adji Rizqi.


There has been 4 Los Bay Petrosian cabinet in charge since the establisment of Los Bay Petros, and from the three cabinets, two of it's cabinet in cause of betrayal. The Los Bay Petrosian first cabinet was first formed on October 16, 2009, 2 days after the establishment of Los Bay Petros. The first cabinet is the most troubled cabinet in Los Bay Petrosian history when most of the members betrayed the government. There's no significant movement on the Los Bay Petrosian economy when first cabinet was working.

The first cabinet was dissolved on December 7, 2009 after the national uprising. The dissolution of the first cabinet is undergoing by the first presidential decree to secure the government from the betrayals of the opposition. The first cabinet was replaced by the Los Bay Petrosian second cabinet who was formed on December 8 2009, a day after the national uprising occured. There are some reshuffle in the second cabinet and the government immidiately fires the members of cabinet who associates with LBPOM in the civil war

There are some significant movements with the works of the second cabinet, the capital moving from Newark City to Dredim on February 2010. The Los Bay Petrosian currency also changes from Los Bay Petrosian Dollar to the Los Bay Petrosian Dollar, which was caused by the civil war aftermath that almost struck the economy of Los Bay Petros.

The third cabinet was formed on August 2010, replacing the second cabinet who was dissolve in July 2010 after the 2010 Los Bay Petrosian Legislative Election. The member of this third cabinet was chosen by the President Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman from all of three parties of Los Bay Petros and the cabinet members from each party is calculated from the results of the election last August.

As of today, the third cabinet is the most advancing and the best cabinet in the Los Bay Petrosian history. The third cabinet has many accomplishments in the government or the economy. Such as, the annexation of Southall, 7D, Dalnik, Ambulomgrad and Prianganstad,[1][2] the new jet and nuclear project,[3] and also the accomplishment of the government to create the LBPAF as the one of the strongest micronation in Indonesia besides Fihanesia and A1. The third cabinet itself created one of the best program ever built in Los Bay Petros, the First Three Months Development program. Which in effect, the currency of Los Bay Petros changes for the second time to Los Bay Petrosian Ruble.

And on the December 9th 2011, the third cabinet was reshuffled and was replaced by the 4th cabinet which is named United Cabinet.

On the third and fourth cabinet, the new position of "Vice Minister" placed to help the ministers. The members of the third cabinet are:


Position Name
Defence Minister Adji Rizqi
Secretary of State Nafandra Lubis
Foreign Minister Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
National Development Minister Ezra Dimas
Health Minister Danesya Ananda Rahman
Education Minister Cep Andi Alim Subarkah
Economy Minister Mohammed Afif
Interior Minister Ghani Razzak
Youth and Sports Minister Rizki Mahalik
Justice Minister Rafi Farhanto
Tourism Minister Alessandro Syafei Rashid
Minister for Women Empowerment Mahira Kinasih
Information Technology Minister Antony Raymond
Minister for Transport Nafandra Syabana
Minister for Religious Affairs Senapati Sri Krishnamurti
Minister of Industry and Trade Naufal Nurfachrizal
Human Resources Minister Devy Kamil Syahbana
Minister of Social Affairs Hannifa Fitrasari
Environment Minister Muhammad Hady Faiz


Position Name
Deputy Minister of Defence Izhar Ardhyanu Bagus
Deputy Foreign Minister Adji Rizqi
Deputy Minister of National Development Alessandro Syafei Rashid
Deputy Minister of Health Danesya Ananda Rahmat
Deputy Minister of Education Andika Pandu Nugroho
Deputy Minister of Economy Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
Deputy Interior Minister Syaviera Putri
Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Bambang Tri Hendra
Deputy Minister of Justice Muhammad Ardhito
Deputy Minister of Tourism Nuky Presiari
Minister for Women Empowerment Rifaa Afia
Deputy Minister of Information Technology Muhammad Keanoubie
Deputy Minister of Transport Catilal Ekber
Deputy Minister for Religious Affairs Naufal Nurfachrizal
Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Ageng Shahputra Djakman
Deputy Minister of Human Resources Ahmad Naufal Putra
Deputy Minister of Social Affairs Alif Ghifari
Deputy Minister of Environment Arief Hilman

Political parties

Los Bay Petrosian people has rights to make a political party without any limits of ideology.[4] And because of that, the government also stated the terms of a party in Los Bay Petros. They are:

  • Has a supporters more than 2
  • The leader mustn't been got a criminal record
  • The party must have a delegates from minimum of 3 states

As of today, Los Bay Petrosian government has been registered 6 national political parties and 3 defunct parties. They are:

Emblem Party Abbreviation
CWP.png Civil's Welfare Party CWP
Nasakom.png Nasakom Party NP
Los Bay Petrosian Democratic Party LDP
NAP.png National Action Party NAP
Los Bay Petrosian Cihuy Party LBPCP
MyParty.png My Party MP
Los Bay Petros Communist Party- flag.png Los Bay Petros Communist Party LCP
Lsp.png Los Bay Petrosian Socialist Party LSP

*Bold: Party with the most seats in National Legislative Council
Italic: Has been dissolved or banned


See: Constitution of Los Bay Petros

Constitution of Los Bay Petros (Indonesian: Undang-Undang Dasar Los Bay Petros) is the main constitution in Los Bay Petros. The constitution was formed on November 2009 and ammendmented for the first time on August 2010. The brand-new constitution was accepted by the NLC on November 2011. The constitution consist of 141 verses.


There are 2 kinds of election in Los Bay Petros, a Legislative Election and a Presidential Election. The legislative election is held every 1 year, whilst the presidential election is held every 3 years. The Los Bay Petrosian elections are organized by the Los Bay Petrosian Election Authority and the election secured by the CPA and LBPAF.

On the legislative election, each of the participating parties got a seat on the National Legislative Council (Parliament) with the percentage on the election per-state. On the presidential election, a candidate got an absolute win if his/her presidential electoral results is above 50 percent. If the presidential electoral candidate is more than 2 and the three of the candidate didn't suprass 50%, the second round election will be hold with candidates who sat in the position 1st and 2nd in the first round.

Elections in Los Bay Petros has been held two times, namely in 2010 and 2011 and the 2012 election will be held on January 13, 2012.