Los Bay Petrosian legislative election, 2011

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2011 Los Bay Petrosian Legislative Election
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All 11 seats in the National Legislative Council
  Majority party Minority party Third party
  CWP.png Lsp.png
Leader Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman Indrawan Prasetyo Faris Ibrahim
Party Civil's Welfare Party Los Bay Petrosian Socialist Party Cihuy Party
Seats before 5 2 None
Seats won 5 2 0
Seat change - 1 + 1 + 4
Percentage 39% 15% 10%

Result of the election per-state

Head of NLC before election

Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
Civil's Welfare Party

Elected Head of NLC

Faris Ibrahim
Cihuy Party

2011 Los Bay Petrosian Legislative Election is the second legislative election in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. The 2011 election will be hold on May 25 2011. The election is monitored by Los Bay Petrosian Election Authority.

Participating Parties

There are 4 parties who participate the election,[1] which are:

  • CWP
  • LSP
  • LDP
  • LBPCP (Los Bay Petrosian Cihuy Party)


The 2011 election is already prepared from the end of March 2011, where the registration of

The Ballot Paper

the participating parties was opened. The LBPEA prints the ballot paper with the fotocopying mode to reduce the spending in the elections. The voting places scattered across the Los Bay Petros and the voting is going to be secured by the join operation between LBPAF and CPA.


The LBPEA finnaly announced the election results on May 28 2011, and here is the result:[2]

Party Score
CWP 39,5%
LBPCP 39,5%
LNSP 15%
LDP 10%