Los Bay Petrosian Civil War

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Los Bay Petrosian Civil War
DateFebruary 17th 2010 - February 18th 2010
Status Ended

Los Bay Petrosian Opposition Movement

Anti LBP Movement
Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
Commanders and leaders

Febrianto Herlambang Kasyfi Alfajari

Faisal Alif

Revi Alfianto

Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman

Adly Nurfikriansyah
17 5

The Los Bay Petrosian Civil War or February Coup was a civil war in the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros between the Federal Government and the Opposition with the rebels of December National Uprising. The civil war took place between the 10th and 17 February 2010 in Dagen-Madinah Protectorate and Newark City, the capital of LBP at that time.


On February 2010, a rebel group named Anti LBP Movement (ALM) was formed by Kasyfi Alfajari and Faisal Alif M. This movement co-operated with the Los Bay Petrosian Opposition Movement to bring down President Rian and his fellow ministers. The LBPOM head of the time was Febrianto Herlambang, the assistant of Revi Alfianto at the December National Uprising.


On February 10 2010, the leaders of ALM and LBPOM pursuaded and provoked half of Los Bay Petros, including Aldi Prayogi, the LBPAF Commandder at the time, to join the rebellion or demonstrate against the federal government. At first the demonstration was peaceful but the following day the demonstrators started to create chaos within the country. President Rian declared a state of emergency and deployed all LBPAF personnel. The Commander of LBPAF, Aldi Prayogi, was fired by the President following his act of treason to the state and the position of Commander was held by Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman.

On February 15, the rest of the LBPAF soldiers successfully brought order to the country. President Rian thought that the civil war ought to be stopped, so he sent a delegation to discuss with the rebels to sign a peace treaty. After two days, the rebels finally agreed to sign the treaty. On February 17, the civil war ended after Kasyfi Alfajari, Febrianto Herlambang and Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman signed the peace treaty.


After the civil war ended, many changes were made.The Vice President, Andhika Rama Prakasa, resigned after the LBPIA found a scandal related to him and he was replaced with Adly Nurfikriansyah. The Capital of Los Bay Petros was also moved from Newark City to Dredim Capital Region.