National symbols of Los Bay Petros

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The symbols of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros are one of the most highly indentity to represent the nationality of most Los Bay Petrosians. Here are some of the symbols Los Bay Petros has officially stated as their indentity.


At the foundation date of the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros, the president announce that the English will be the national language. But, half of the population at that time cannot speak English fluently and made a protest against the government to apply Indonesian as the official language alongside the English. Because of that, the president made a statement to apply Indonesian as the national language alongside the English, Russian, and Gordonz Language (The local language in Gordonz Administrative Region).

On October 21, 2010, the National Legislative Council stated the new official language, Japanese and the Los Bay Petrosian English.

Los Bay Petrosian National Anthem

The Los Bay Petrosian official anthem is "Patrioticheskaya Pesnya", the former Russian Federation anthem (between 1991-2000). Before that, Los Bay Petros used the "Beethoven's Symphony No. 9" and "Home on the Range" by Brewster M. Higley.

The national anthem is played every day in LTV and LFM before they started airing.


The flag of Los Bay Petros was officialy made on October 27 2009 by Adly Nurfikriansyah. The flag design is as same as the

The national flag of Los Bay Petros

Semaphore flag, but has a different shape. The colours on the flag symbolise bravery (red) and welfare (yellow).

The flag of Los Bay Petros is flying across the Los Bay Petrosian territory, but not compulsory to the all Los Bay Petrosian. The majority of Los Bay Petrosian flag flying is in Dredim. And the tallest flagpole that holds the Los Bay Petrosian flag is in the Killarneyplatz in Dredim, which has a high of 4 meters.

Other Flags

Coat of Arms


Symbol Name
National Animal Peregrine Falcon
National Flower Rose
National Food Popcorn and Butter sauce Chicken
National Drink Lemon Tea