Western Los Bay Petros

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Western Los Bay Petros
Западная Лос-Бэй Петрос

Federal Subject of Los Bay Petros

Flag of SWL.png
Flag of Western Los Bay Petros
Location of region within Los Bay Petros
Full Name State of Western Los Bay Petros
Capital Newlam City
Established October 14th 2009
Area 2700 sqm
Population 5 (Non-Citizen: approx. 1000)
License Plate code 2
Type State
Leader(s) Governor Adji Rizqi Ramadhan
Divisions / Counties 5
NLC Seat
State Representative from Civil's Welfare Party

State of Western Los Bay Petros (SWL, West Los Bay Petros) is one of the 22 federal subjects or subdivision in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros.

Western Los Bay Petros was founded on October 14 2009. Western Los Bay Petros was one of the largest state in Los Bay Petros, covering almost one-fifth of the Los Bay Petrosian territorial land in the foundation time. the capital is Newlam City, and the second largest city in Western Los Bay Petros is Newark City. SWL bordered with the Los Bay Petrosian Border Line in the west, Gordonz Administrative Region and the State of New Pershing in the east.


Western Los Bay Petros has been led by two governors, they are:

Name Term
Fadhil Nadhif Muharram August 2010 - April 2011
Adji Rizqi Ramadhan OTP April 2010 - Incumbent


Western Los Bay Petros consist of 5 counties, they are:

SWL within Los Bay Petrosian Territory