Los Bay Petrosian Armed Forces

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Los Bay Petrosian Armed Forces
Angkatan Bersenjata Los Bay Petros
Other official language
  • Лос-Бэй Петрос Вооруженных Сил
    Respubika Federatsiyy Lus Baye Pitriuskiyy Zavieckh Ragasmuch
    Los Bay Petros'ye Silahlı Kuvvetleri
LBPAF Emblem.png
Motto: United We Prosper!
Established October 2009
Country Los Bay Petros
Nicknames The Ops
Branches ADF, GF, NF, SFR
Previous Engagements National Uprising
Los Bay Petrosian Civil War
Second LPG War
Atlantis Civil War
Fraternal War
Ding-Ding-Dong Agression
Los Bay Petrosian - Shuffle War
General Raihan Akbar Pratama
General Raihan Akbar Pratama
General information
Headquarters Bayrschtein
Active personnel 25

Los Bay Petrosian Armed Forces is the official armed force of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. LBPAF was founded on October 14 2009, soon after three founding fathers, Adriansyah Yassn Sulaeman, Adly Nurfikriansyah, and Andhika Rama Prakasa Signed the New Petrovakia treaty and marked the foundation of Los Bay Petros.

Los Bay Petrosian Armed Forces or LBPAF consist of four branches, Ground Force, Air Defense Force, Naval Force, Border Troops and Special Force Regiment. Firstly went into campaign on the National Uprising, LBPAF has been mobilized for 7 times

The current commander of LBPAF is General Raihan Akbar Pratama and the current vice commander of LBPAF is General Bambang Tri Hendra.


Los Bay Petrosian Armed Forces was founded on October 14 2009, after the establishment of Los Bay Petros by the New Petrovakia Treaty. And Aldi Prayogi was chosen by the president to be it first commander of LBPAF.

On the National Uprising, LBPAF was mobilized to secure the demonstrators and rebels from anarchism after the movement doesn't agree with the ultimatum that the Los Bay Petrosian government sent. And the conflict between LBPAF and the rebels continued until the civil war breaks out.

On the civil war, when Aldi Prayogi was still being the commander, he treasoned from the government and immidiately fired by the president. By Aldi's action, he brought half of the army personnels to the rebels. But after the remaining LBPAF launched a counterattack alongside the non-Los Bay Petrosian who helped LBPAF, they finnaly made the rebels topsy-turvy.


Since it was formed on October 14, 2009, there are 4 commanders has been in charge in LBPAF. They are:

Name Picture Term
General Aldi Prayogi Aldip.png October 2009 - December 2009
Brigadier (Great General) Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman Adriansyah.png December 2009 - August 2010
General Faris Ramadhan FarisR.jpg August 2010 - April 2011
General Commander Indrawan Prasetyo IndrawanP.jpg April 2011 - June 2011
General Adrian Syamsir Lubis AdrianSL.jpg June 2011 - December 2011
General Raihan Akbar Pratama Tama.jpg December 2011 - Incumbent


LBPAF has five army subdivision or departments, they are:

Ground Force

The Ground Force (LBPAF-GF) is the LBPAF subdivision serving for the ground conflicts and patrolling

almost all of Los Bay Petrosian border. The GF base was located in Newark City and Bayrschtein. The current chief commander of GF is none. The current chief commander of GF is Kalvi Tadjoedin and the current vice commander of GF is Andika Pandu Nugroho.

Air Defense Force

The Air Defense Force (LBPAF-ADF) is the LBPAF subdivision serving for the air patrol and the on-air conflict. The main base of ADF is located in Killarney Airbase in Dredim City, Faizingrad Intermicronational Airfield in Faizingrad and the Aviabaza Airport, Halim . The current chief commander of ADF is Senopati Sri.K and the current vice commander of ADF is Virza Dharma Hapsara.

Naval Force

The Naval Force (LBPAF-NF) is the LBPAF subdivision serving for patrolling the Los Bay Petrosian territorial waters and in-sea conflict. NF main base was located in the Faizingrad Harbor in Faizingrad. The current chief commander of NF is Muhammad Hady Faiz and the current vice commander of NF is Rafi Farhanto.

Border Troops

The Bordee Troops (LBPAF-BT) is the LBPAF department serving for patrolling the Los Bay Petrosian Borders alongside with Border Control Police. BT main base was located on Newlam City and Bayrschtein. The current chief commander is Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman.

Special Force Regiment

The SFR (Special Force Regiment) is the LBPAF's special force. With Bayrschtein as their main base, SFR has been done more than 3 operation on the Los Bay Petrosian - Shuffle War. The commander is Cep Andi Alim Subarkah. There are four major infanteries in SFR, there are:

  • 307th Airborne Infantry Regiment
  • 328rd Joint Marine Regiment
  • 301st Reconnaissance Regiment

Marine Corps

The Los Bay Petrosian Marine Corps is the one of the newest LBPAF's subdivision. Created on January 21, 2012, the LPMC consist of 4 brigades stationed in Bayrschtein, Labstadt and Marinier. The current LPMC Commander is Radyan Andika. The education centers of LPMC is located in Buitenalps, Buitenkovo, and Marinier. The 4 brigades of LPMC are:

  • 2nd Infantry Brigade Stationed in Marinier
  • 3rd Infantry Brigade Stationed in Arutalapura
  • 21st Infantry Brigade Stationed in Labstadt
  • 303rd Infantry Brigade Stationed in Dredim
  • 328rd Joint Marine Regiment Stationed in Dredim

Supporting Divisions

Position Name
Intelligence Division Anggar Belahakki
Adji Rizqi Ramadhan
Kinan M.M
Rafli Hidayat
Alessandro Syafei Rashid
Air Defense Artillery Adji Rizqi Ramadhan
Military Police Kinan M.M.
President's Guard Muhammad Hady Faiz
Marine Izhar Aryadhanu Bagus
Radyan Andika Pradono
Special Command Regiment Cep Andi Alim Subarkah
Ground Force Special Corps Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
Military Education Center Muhammad Andy Rafly
Bravo Alpha Military School Adriansyah Yassin
Strategy Maker Senapati S.K.
Medical Abdi Rizqi Muharram

Military Ranks

Special Ranks
Jendral Besar
Panglima Angkatan Bersenjata
Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces
Perwira - Officers
Letnan Jendral
Liutenant General
Mayor Jenderal
Major General
Brigadir Jenderal
Letnan Kolonel
Liutenant Colonel
Letnan Senior
Senior Liutenant
Soldat - Soldiers/Field officers
Pembantu Letnan 1
Liutenant Junior 1
Pembantu Letnan 2
Liutenant Junior 2
Sersan Mayor
Sergeant Major


Training System

LBPAF Both uses visual and virtual military exercises, while the visual exercises is located in Soekarnograd Military Base, the virtual exercises is located in Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer mode in "Firing Range" map.

Defense Equipment

Land Transport

Vehicle Manufacturer
Mini Panzer IV Ausf. H Academy
Mini Panther Academy
Mini Sherman Academy
Mini Leopard Academy
Mini M48A5 Patton Academy
Mini M2 Bradley Academy
Volkswagen Kuebelwagen Academy

Water Transport

Vehicles Manufacturer
NF-001 Los Bay Petrosian Research Center
NF-002 Los Bay Petrosian Research Center
Patrol Boat EmCo
NFDS Gorbachev Local Manufacturer
NFDS Basio Local Manufacturer
Mini Bismarck-Class Battleship "NFDS Hastinapura" Academy

Air Transport

Weapon Manufacturer
DLBP AP001M Dirgantara Los Bay Petros
DLBP AP002NM Dirgantara Los Bay Petros
DLBP AP003NM Dirgantara Los Bay Petros
DLBP AP004NM Dirgantara Los Bay Petros
HX 221 Superior HX Planes
Remote Control Helicopter Various Manufacturers
Mini Sopwith Camel Academy
Mini SPAD XIII Academy
Mini F4F-4 Wildcat Academy
Mini B-17 "Flying Fortress" Academy
Mini F-51D Mustang Academy
Mini P-40B Tomahawk Academy
Mini Junkers Ju-87b Luftwaffe Academy
Mini Messerschmitt BF109G-14 Academy
Mini Sukhoi SU-22 Fitter Academy
Mini F-16 Fighting Falcon Academy
Mini F-15 Strike Eagle Academy
Mini Nieuport 17 Hong Ri.inc
Mini Fighter Helicopter Hong Ri


The weapons who equipped and who are the standard combat equipment of LBPAF are:

Weapon Manufacturer
N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Nerf
N-Strike Maverick REV-6 Nerf
N-Strike Recon CS-6 Nerf
N-Strike Deploy CS-6 Nerf
N-Strike Nite Finder EX-3 Nerf
N-Strike Stampede ECS Nerf
Automatic Tommy Gun 20 Barrels EmCo
Nite Finder EX-3 SDL
Caliber 4.5 Airgun Indonesian local manufacturer
Airgun Pistol Omega BB Guns
Aqua-1 Missile Los Bay Petrosian Research Center
WRPP Launcher Parkinson
AWRPP Launcher IRC
AK-47 Airsoft Local Manufacturer
Barett 50.cal Airsoft Local Manufacturer