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Allevon-Dredim Intermicronational Airport

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Allevon - Dredim Intermicronational Airport
Bandar Udara Intermikronasional Allevon - Dredim
Logo of ADIA
Airport Type Civilian Airport
Operator BCTA (Bayrschtein City Transportation Authority)
Location Bayrschtein
Status Proposed
Hub for LBPair
Number of Runways 4
Number of Terminals 6 (1 Cargo)

Allevon - Dredim Intermicronational Airport (IMATO Code: DCT) is the first Intermicronational Airport project in Los Bay Petros. The airport is located in capital city of Los Bay Petros, Bayrschtein. Allevon was one of the largest airport in Los Bay Petros, before the Adji Rizqi Bayrschtein Intermicronational Airport replaced Allevon as the Bayrschtein's main hub. ADIA now serves flights to various destinations in Los Bay Petros. Also, ADIA is the main hub for the flag carrier of LBP, LBPair.