Cakni International Airport

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Cakni International
Lapangan Terbang antarabangsa Cakni
Lapangang Teghebang antaghebangse Cakning
Airport Type Civilian Airport
Operator Government of Bascal
Location Singapore Street, Bascal
Status Complete
Hub for Bascal Air
Number of Runways 1
Number of Terminals 1

Cakni International Airport (Malay: Lapangan Terbang antarabangsa Cakni Gutaish: Caknien Internationael loghuuvgein Bascal Malay: Lapangang Teghebang antaghebangse Cakning) is one of the two international airports in the State of Bascal. It was founded in 2011 to replaced the old Amir Syafiq International airport due to short runways making it difficult for bigger toy aircrafts for landing and take off. It is located at Yuyu district, Singapore Street.