Bandar Melayu Batanghari Intermicronational Airport

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Bandar Melayu Batanghari Intermicronational Airport
Bandar Udara Intermikronasional Bandar Melayu
Logo of Bandar Melayu Airport
Passenger terminal
Airport Type Civilian Airport
Operator Norfly Airports
Location Melayu Federal Territory
Status Completed/In operation
Hub for LBPair
Elevation AMSL 82 ft / 25 m
Number of Runways 1 (30x2200m)
Surface Asphalt
Number of Terminals 1

Bandar Melayu Batanghari Intermicronational Airport, or macronationally Sultan Thaha Airport (IATA: DJB, ICAO: WIPA, IMATO: RGS) is an airport serving for the city of Bandar Melayu, Melayu Federal Territory, Los Bay Petros. Bandar Melayu Batanghari Intermicronational Airport is located in the Paalmerah suburb of Bandar Melayu. The airport has 73 flights departing per week for short haul destinations and 42 medium sized aircraft departing each week. This airport is named after Batanghari, the river who crosses Bandar Melayu.

Began in 2011, Batanghari Intermicronational Airport will increase its ability to serve the growing passenger aircraft as well as an increase in the length and width of the runway (length and width is now 2220 meters and 30 meters and will be increased to 2400 meters and 45 meters). Improved grounding is done to serve the wide-bodied aircraft, mainly from Garuda Indonesia. Party Norfly Airports also be adding equipment Instrument Landing System (ILS) that can help planes land in bad weather. ILS is the equipment that must be installed at the airport of international standard, the same as the goal of increasing this airport, which makes the Batanghari Intermicronational Airport no just an intermicronational airport, but also as an international airport in 2013.

This airport was built under the 4th FTMD (First Three Month Development) program by the Los Bay Petrosian government.


Airline Destination 
Batavia Air Jakarta-Soekarno Hatta
Garuda Indonesia Jakarta-Soekarno Hatta
Lion Air Jakarta-Soekarno Hatta
Pacific Royale Airways Batam, Kerinci
Sriwijaya Air Jakarta-Soekarno Hatta, Batam
Sky Aviation (Indonesia) Pekanbaru
LBPair Bayrschtein