Minangkabau Airways

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Minangkabau Airways
IATA (planned) ICAO (planned) Callsign
Operating basesOtto von Bismarck Intermicronational Airport
AllianceLA3 (Los Bay Petrosian Airline Alliance Association)
Fleet size48
Parent companyIndependent
HeadquartersArutalapura, Prapanca
Key peopleAdji Rizqi
Net income~520,000,000RL/annual

Minangkabau Airways is a passenger aircraft company located in Los Bay Petros. With the headquarters in Arutalapura, Prapanca; Minangkabau Airways was founded in the year 2011 by the Prime Minister of Los Bay Petros, Adji Rizqi. Minangkabau Airways is the third-biggest airline company in Los Bay Petros after LBPair and Skate Airways.

Minangkabau Airways mainly serves Arutalapura with several Los Bay Petrosian destinations and other destinations located outside the country. Currently, Minangkabau Airways operates 48 aircrafts to connect their destinations.