Civil's Welfare Party

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Civil's Welfare Party
The CWP Emblem
Motto:Towards a Modern Los Bay Petros
Date Founded:October 14th 2009
Micronation:Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
Leader:Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
Ideology:Social Conservative
Seats in Los Bay Petrosian Parliament:12

The Civil's Welfare Party (Bahasa Indonesia: Partai Kesejahteraan Rakyat), also known as CWP, is the ruling political party of the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. Civil's Welfare Party is also the one of the five parties in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. The current party leader is Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman, who holds the title of General Secretary of the Civil's Welfare Party.

The CWP is the Los Bay Petrosian largest political party, claiming over 30 members which constitutes about 20.0% of the total population of Los Bay Petros.


The party was founded in October 14 2009 in Newark City. After a the signation of New Petrovakia Treaty, the CWP defeated its primary rival, the LCP, and assumed as the main party in the National Legislative Council.

Firstly participated on the 2010 Los Bay Petrosian Legislative Election, Civil's Welfare Party won 2 seats of Parliament (40%) and being the winner of the election. But since the new 3 states were formed, CWP has a 4 seats there. Later on the 2011 Los Bay Petrosian Legislative Election, CWP succeded the election being a runner up.


Firstly, the CWP followed the liberal ideology. But in February 2011, the head of CWP, Adriansyah Yassin stated that CWP is no longer using liberal as their ideolgy, instead Social Conservative.