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Federal Subject of Los Bay Petros

Bendera Prapanca.png
Flag of Prapanca
Location of region within Los Bay Petros
Full Name State of Prapanca
Capital Arutalapura
Established December 16th 2011
Area approx. 1500 sqm
Population 25
License Plate code 1A
Type State
Leader(s) Governor Adji Rizqi
Divisions / Counties 1
NLC Seat
State Representative from Civil's Welfare Party

Prapanca is one of the administrative subdivision in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. Prapanca is one of three states (Dredim and Labstadt) who creates the Greater Dredim area. The state was established on December 16 2011 by Adji Rizqi after the claiming proposal was signed by the National Legislative Council. The capital of Prapanca is Arutalapura.

Bordered by Dredim in the north, Prapanca is the southernmost state in the Greater Dredim area.


The name Prapanca, is derived from the nearby district where the state lies, Prapanca.