Vilthian Heliport

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Vilthian Heliport
Eliporto Vilthiano
Logo of ELV
CPA code: ELV
Airport Type Civilian Heliport
Owner Central Protectorate
Management Authority of Vilthian Transports
Location Colonia City, Province of Teratiliventhia
Status Operating
Hub for Charter; Emergency landings
Number of Runways 1
Number of Terminals 1

The Vilthian Heliport, generally called ELV (italian ELiporto Vilthiano), is the Heliport of the Decracy of Vilthia, located in the Province of Teratiliventhia.
Today it is kept operational to accommodate any emergency landings.
The management of the infrastructure is entrusted to ATV (Vilthian Transports Authority of the Governatorate).


The Heliport was built in summer 2009, by the Central Protectorate of Vilthia. It has never been used by Helicopters.

View of the Heliport