Province of Teratiliventhia

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Provincie de Tiere dal Tajament
Typycal landscape in Teratiliventhia
Seal of Teratiliventhia
Coat of arms

Sigil of Ruling House
Country Decracy of Vilthia
Founded 2007
Incorporated 2010
Seat Santissima
Largest city Morgo Mizzeri
 - Body *Feudal Vicinia
*Provincial Council
 - Lady Giulia Martini
 - Captain Regent and Head of Provincial Council Giulia De Bortolo (Indipendenza!)
 - Spokeman of the Feudal Vicinia Bartolomeo Marescutti
Population (1 January 2020)
 - Province 32
Internal-use postal code 30942

The Province of Teratiliventhia (in furlan Provincie de Tiere dal Tajament) is a Province of the Decracy of Vilthia.
It is the largest Province of the Decracy. The ruling house of Teratiliventhia is House Martini.


The name derives from the latin Terram, "Land", and Tiliventhia, "of the river Tagliamento". So Land of the river Tagliamento.


It is a flat land, on the banks of the river Tagliamento. It is almost entirely covered by forests to the north and west. The central and eastern areas are barren and covered of small shrubs, like bushes and small trees. To the east flows the river Tagliamento, that marks the border with the Italian Republic. Another major river flowing from west to east, is the Gerchia.

Inhabited places

The inhabited places within the Province are:

  • Santissima, provincial capital (pop. 4)
  • Mizzeri, community (pop. 21)
  • Fonte Regina, unorganized locality (pop. 2)
  • Stalon, unorganized locality (pop. 1)
  • Borgo Traghetto, unorganized locality (pop. 2)
  • Colonia, unorganized locality (pop. 1)
  • Bussìniat, unorganized locality (pop. 1)



The major cities are Santissima, the provincial capital, Borgo Mizzeri and Colonia.


The roads of the region are:

  • Route 1 from Borgo Traghetto to Colonia
  • Route 2 from Santissima to Borgo Mizzari
  • Route 5 from Santissima to Vallarian


Terariliventhia is crossed by the Trans-Yunivers Railway


There is an Heliport in the city of Colonia