City of San Michele

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State of the City of Saint Michael
Stato della Città di San Michele (it)
Stât da la Citât di San Mičhêl (fur)
Coat of arms
Motto: Lavôr e Valence (fur)
Work and Virtue
Anthem: Stelutis Alpinis
and largest city
City of San Michele (city-state)
Official languagesItalian; Furlan;
Demonym(s)Saint Michaelan; Yuniversan
GovernmentDirectorial Monarchy within the Decracy of Yunivers
• King
Riccardo II
• High Chancellor
Fabio Zanetti
• Commissioner of the Sovereign of Yunivers
LegislatureHigh Council
Establishment20 January 1920 (Traditional)
1 May 2010 (Re-founded as independent kingdom)
10 June 2014 (Joined the Decracy of Yunivers as Protectorate
• Census
CurrencyYuniversan Shilling
Time zone(UTC +1)
Vassal of the Central Protectorate

The City of Saint Michael (italian: San Michele, furlan: San Mičhêl), is an independent nation within the Decracy of Yunivers, being de facto an unincorporated protectorate.
Until June 2014 was an independent micronation, then they signed a traty of union with the Decracy of Yunivers.


The micronation was founded in 2010 as an independent kingdom. In 2011 they signed a treaty of alliance with the Decracy of Yunivers and joined the PIT.
In 2014 the City of Saint Michael and the Decracy of Yunivers established an Union, letting the City of Saint Michael become a Protectorate of Yunivers, while still maintaining an almost total autonomy.