Bank of Yunivers

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Central Bank of Yunivers
Italian: Banca Centrale Yuniversana
Headquarters: Pontaiba,
Province of Pozut
Established: 10 February 2008
Disbanded: 21 November 2014
Governor: Lionella Stefanel (2008-2012)
Giulio Nidivo (2012-2014)
Giulia Marini (as liquidator 2014)
Central Bank of: Decracy of Yunivers
Currency: Yuniversan Shilling

The Central Bank of Yunivers (Italian: Banca Centrale Yuniversana) was the central bank of the Decracy of Yunivers. The bank was under the control of the Department of the Economic Services of the Central Protectorate. It performed duties of financial supervision.
The bank was unoficially established for printing Shillings in September 2007. In 2008 the Central Protectorate officially established the Central Bank. Since 2009 the headquarters were located in Vignetia.
In 2013 Titianus II, among his first provisions as Sovereign, order the establishment of a commission to review the budgets and the bank's operations. The investigation of the Committee reveals a critical situation with serious deficiencies in the management method.
It has been disbanded in 2014 by Titianus II, and its competences have been absorbed by the APSE