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Amministrazione Patrimonio Sede Vilthiana


Part of Central Protectorate
Department of Economic Services
Established September 1, 2007
Country Decracy of Vilthia
Headquarters Central Protectorate Palace, Vignetia
President Luana Comici
Director Sandro Pittaro
General Information
Branches Properties management area
Financial area
Active personnel 5

APSE (Italian: Amministrazione Patrimonio Sede vilthiana), the Administration of the Patrimony of the Vilthian Seat, is the body of the Central Protectorate in charge of the management of its economic assets (both properties and finances), which are (in fact) the properties of the five founding members of Vilthia.
After the dissolution of the Bank of Yunivers, APSE acts as the Treasury and central bank of Vilthia.


The office is intended to administer the assets of the Central Protectorate and to provide the funds necessary for the operation of the Vilthian Decracy.

It is structured in two sections, the main and the secondary, with different functions:

The main section administers the financial assets transferred by the citizens to the state, those entrusted by other entities of the Central Protectorate, as well as other funds acquired thereafter; is the contact of the Central Protectorate with the international financial institutions and the banking system; The secondary section takes in charge the practical aspects of management, budget, procurement, human resources, the EDC and the legal department of the Central Protectorate, as well as managing the funds necessary for the operation of the different departments of the Decracy.

The President is nominated by the Camerlengo of the Central Protectorate.