House DeBiasio

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House De Biasio
"Et non quiescit"
Country Decracy of Yunivers
Titles Lords of Borgo Traghetto, Maremma and Tranquillitas
Protectors of the Ford
Current head Lorenzo De Biasio
Founding Between 1750 and 1800
Ethnicity Friulian

The House DeBiasio is a noble house of Yunivers, and until June 2014 it was one of the 5 great houses, invested with the Province of Teratiliventhia. They are the lords of Borgo Traghetto.
Although they has been elevated to the status of Great House, they are in fact a branch of the House Zannier, direct descendants of Umberto I of the House Zannier and Louigia De Biasio.


The family has been elevated to the status of Great House by Claudio I of the House Zannier, in 2010.
In 2014, after Lorenzo De Biasio resignation from all positions, the House was downgraded as a lower house.


The emblem is two crossed hatchets, surmounted by a crown (to symbolize their relationship with the House Zannier), on a gold background.