Province of Colat

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Provincie dal Colat
Typical landscape in Colat
Seal of Colat
Coat of arms

Sigil of Ruling House
Country Decracy of Vilthia
Founded 2007
Incorporated 2007
Seat Col
Largest city Villa
 - Body Provincial Council
 - Lord Lorenzo DeBiasio
 - Captain Regent Federico Tedeschi (LM)
 - Ruling House House DeBiasio
Population (1 January 2020)
 - Province 18
Internal-use postal code 30944

The Province of Colat (in furlan Provincie dal Colàt) is a Province of the Decracy of Vilthia. It is ruled by House DeBiasio


The name "Colat" comes from the friulian word "Colàt", who means evil mountain.


The region is mountainous, characterized by rugged ravines and dense forests.

Inhabited places

The inhabited places within the Province are:

  • Col, feudal capital (pop. 2)
  • Villa, community (pop. 12)
  • Samontan, unorganized locality (pop. 2)
  • Castellirs, unorganized locality (pop. 2)


The major villages are Samontan and Castellirs.


The few roads of the region are hiking trails and bridle paths.

Fortress of Col

The Fortress of Col, seat of House DeBiasio, is a big stronghold largely underground, which occupies most of the north slope of Mount Colat. The fortress was also used during the First World War as an underground battery, and during the Second World War as a refuge for civilians during aerial bombing. Although it is now the seat of the House DeBiasio, the members of the family reside in Vignetia. The Fortress hosts the jurisdiction administrative offices.