Chamber of the Representatives (Yunivers)

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Chamber of the Representatives

Camera dei Rappresentanti
Legislature I
Coat of arms or logo
High Representative
Anna Colli, Indipendenza!
Vice-High Representative
Claudio Stale, The Daisy
Political groups
  •   Indipendenza! (7)
  •   Green Front Party (4)
  •   The Daisy Party (4)
Last election
Vilthian Feudal Elections, 2017
Meeting place
Torre Ceca, Vilthia

The Chamber of the Representatives is the upper house of the Parliament of the State of the Decracy of Vilthia.

Members and election

The Representatives members of the Chamber are the elected-members of the local councils.
Every local council of Vilthia establishes to allocate 3 of its members also to the House of Representatives (2 for the local majority, 1 for the local minority).
As the local councils remain in office for 5 years, the composition of the Chamber changes every 5 years too.
If a Feud or a Province is deprived of its own council, as happened in Ildha in the previous legislature, the members are appointed by the feudal Lord and confirmed by the Sovereign.
Therefore, the election of the members is indirect.

Members without voting rights

The President of the Governatorate is member of the House without voting right, but has the right to submit law proposals and to participate in debates.


The Chamber of the Representatives votes the laws that has been approved by the Council of the Nobles.
The Council, however, can override the Chamber if the law is approved unanimously.
The Chamber can not be overridden in the following cases:

  • Economic and financial laws
  • Introduction of taxes
  • Budgets
  • Foreign affairs

The Chamber of the Representatives can submit law proposals, that before being voted at the Chamber, must be approved at the Council of Nobles.

Current Composition

As a result of the Vilthian Feudal Elections, 2017 the Chamber is composed as follows:
Indipendenza! = 7 seats
The Daisy (LM) = 4 seats
Green Front (FV) = 4 seats


  • Anna Colli
  • Erika Colli
  • Franco Giusti
  • Marta Concha
  • Michelangelo Osvaldi
  • Nicholas Odoricis
  • Giampietro Martini

The Daisy

  • Claudio Stale
  • Irene Stroili
  • Diego Ombrone
  • Hassam Baobo

Green Front

  • Francesca Lauretta
  • Cosimo Serenelli
  • Marian Giunka
  • Claudio Campi