Council of the Nobles (Yunivers)

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Council of the Nobles
Consiglio dei Nobili Reggenti
Legislature II
Councilnobles.png Councilnobles-seal.png
Sovereign of the Decracy of Yunivers Titianus II
Members 5 voices
5 voci
Meeting place
Chamber of the Kingdom
Central Protectorate Palace

The Council of the Nobles is the lower house of the Parliament of the State of the Decracy of Yunivers. Is chaired by the King.


It is the lower house of the Parliament of Yunivers. It is also the de facto government of the Decracy of Yunivers.


The Council is composed of 5 members, or 'voices'. Every member is the Lord of a territory of Yunivers: Vignetia, Teratiliventhia, Pozut, Colat and Ildha. The King, who chairs the Council, is elected for life by the Council in a special meeting called 'Conclave'.