Protectorate of Vega

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Protectorate of Vega
Protettorato di Vega (it)
Protettorât di Veghe (fur)
Protetorato de Vega (ven)


Liberum Iter
Capital cityVega
Largest cityVega
Official language(s)Italian; Furlan; Venetian
Official religion(s)Catholic Christian
DemonymVega; Yuniversan
GovernmentDecracy of Yunivers
- ProtectorCleana O'Malley
- CommissionerFrancesco Dadin
LegislatureCouncil of the Protectorate
- Type - Monocameral
Established1 February 2012
Area claimedTBC
CurrencyYuniversan Shilling
Time zone(UTC -5)
Vassal of the Central Protectorate

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Vega (in furlan: Veghe), officially the Protectorate of Vega (in furlan: Protettorât di Veghe) is a protectorate of the Decracy of Yunivers, as an unincorporated territory.


The territory of the protectorate includes some islands near the Antarctic Peninsula. They are Vega Island, Eagle Island and the surrounding islets.


Due to the absence of stable population, the protectorate is governed by the regency office at the Central Protectorate, in Vignetia