Vicarial Guards

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Vicarial Guards
Guardie Vicariali
Emblem of the Vicarious Guards
Motto: (Latin): In servitium Summi
(English) At the service of the Supreme
March Here Comes the King
Established August 1, 2007
Country Decracy of Vilthia
Branches Safety of the Sovereign and of the Central Protectorate
Previous Engagements
Commander-in-Chief David Pignan
Vice - Commander vacant
General information
Headquarters Vignetia
Active personnel 7
Standard weapon Halberd
Assault weapon Carbine

The Vicarial Guards are the honor guard of the Sovereign of the Decracy of Vilthia and of the Central Protectorate palace. They are the only institution in Vilthia remained unchanged since the days of the ancient feud.


Vicarial Guards at the Central Protectorate citadel, Vignetia

Their task is to guard the entrances to the Central Protectorate Palace. They're also the personal guards of the King. Although their important role, have now become a purely ceremonial body.


The Vicarial Guards were the armed wing of the Pinzon's Feud, and their existence is proved by documents since 1200. Probably, were dismantled after the fall of Pinzon's Lordship. The ancient writer Degani, described them:

Et le guardie delli nobilissimi ac altissimi De Pinzon eran le guardie dalla croce rossa sullo campo blu. Et erano grandissima forza, di molti uomini forti et reverendi alli loro padroni.

— E. Degani, 1445

English: And the guards of the most noble and supreme De Pinzon were the guards of the red cross on blue background. They were a big force, of many strong and loyal mans.

— E. Degani, 1445