Civil Defence (Vilthia)

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Protezione Civile dello Stato
National Civil Defence

Official logo (since 2019)

Part of Central Protectorate
Department of Security and Civil Defence Services
Established 29 July 2012
Type of agency Civil
Country Vilthia
Annual budget €3.500,00
Director Giancarlo Marcuzzi
General Information
Headquarters Vignetia
Staff 23

The National Civil Defence (Protezione Civile dello Stato) is the main agency in charge of the provision of emergency services in the Decracy of Vilthia during peacetime and emergency.
The agency is part of the Department of Security and Civil Defence Services of the Governorate of the Central Protectorate and is made up of volunteers.


The Civil Defence was established in 2007 as an autonomous Direction, the Direction of the Civil Defence Services.
In 2012, the Direction merged together with the Direction of Security in the new Direction of Security and Civil Defence Services, and the new "Protezione Civile dello Stato" was created as an autonomous agency.