Royal Commission of the Governatorate

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Royal Commission of the Governatorate
for the State of the Decracy of Yunivers
Seal of the Governatorate
Established January 1, 2012
Headquarters Vignetia, Governatorate Palace
President Giovanni Alesi
Meeting place Foto sala.jpg
Governatorate Palace

The Royal Commission of the Governatorate for the State of the Decracy of Yunivers, commonly referred to as Royal Commission or just "The Commission", is the executive council of the Central Protectorate's Governatorate.
It consists of 8 members, the Heads of Department of the Governatorate, proposed by the President of the Governatorate to the Sovereign, who appoints them. As members of the Commission, they take the title of Commissioners.
The Commission is led by the President of the Governorate of the Central Protectorate.


It is an advisory body, where the heads of the Governatorate's departments meet with the President to define the actions and policies of the Governatorate, implement the guidelines and directives of the President, and update him on relevant issues.


  • President: Giovanni Alesi
  • Commissioner of economic services: Nicola Pesette
  • Commissioner of defence: Damiano Pigo
  • Commissioner of environment: Nicholas Lorenzo
  • Commissioner of interior: Michele Rossani
  • Commissioner of security and civil defence services: David Pignan
  • Commissioner of foreign affairs: Diletta Mascardelli
  • Commissioner of health: Elijah Venko
  • Commissioner of culture: Sebastian Gubani