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National Bank Institute
Italian: Istituto Banco Nazionale
Headquarters: Vignetia
Established: 1 May 2010
President: Luca Marin
CEO: Elizabeth Rollo
Industry: Financial services
Type: Private

The National Bank Institute (Italian: Istituto Banco Nazionale), also known as IBN and popularly as Bank of the Central Protectorate, is a privately held institute located inside the Decracy of Vilthia. Is a banking institution that is reserved to citizens of Vilthia who are or were employees of the Central Protectorate and of the institutions connected to it (such as the Gendarmerie, the Vicarial Guards, the Striated Guards or the state-owned companies).
It is owned ex officio by the Sovereign of the Decracy of Vilthia (intended as the Regency Office, not the person who holds the office of Sovereign).

Who can open an account

  • Employees or former employees of Central Protectorate and related institutions
  • Employees or former employees of public companies
  • Nobles
  • Citizens (prior permission of the IBN)
  • Public companies
  • Public institutions
  • Foundations and associations who operates within Yunivers
  • Provinces, Feuds, Protectorates