Great Vicar of the Decracy of Yunivers

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Great Vicar of the Decracy of Vilthia
Gran Vicario dello Stato della Decrazia di Yunivers
Seal of the Great Vicar of the Decracy of Vilthia

Formation 10 July 2007

Seat Feud of Ildha
(As the current Great Vicar is the Lady of Ildha)

Appointed by Sovereign of the Decracy of Vilthia and Council of the Nobles

Actual Great Vicar Ilaria of the House Comici

The Great Vicar of the Decracy of Vilthia is the Noble that, on behalf of the Sovereign, oversees the government operations. He deals with the settlement of the affairs of ordinary administration, and replaces the Sovereign when necessary (is the first in order of precedence to take the place of the Sovereign in his absence, followed by the Hand of the King. However, in the case of death or abdication, this task belongs to the Camerlengo).

Election and term of office

The Great Vicar is is designated by the Council of the Nobles, and must be one of the members of the Council. The nomination is confirmed by the Sovereign.

List of Great Vicars