Gendarmerie of Yunivers

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Gendarmerie of Yunivers
Gendarmeria Yuniversana
Stemma Gendarmeria.png
Emblem of the Gendarmerie
Motto: (Latin): Fides et Virtus
March Tristan
Established August 1, 2007
Country Yunivers
Branches Public Safety, Traffic Police, Financial Police, Secret Services
Colors Blue and green
Vehicles colors Blue
Commander-in-Chief Mattia De Stefano Vidoni
Vice-Commander vacant
General information
Headquarters Vignetia
Active personnel 15
Standard weapon Beretta 92 (Semi-Automatic)
Assault weapon M4A1 Carbine

The Gendarmerie of Yunivers is the Yunivers' police. It also perform tasks of traffic police, financial police and secret services.


The Gendarmerie has been established on August 1, 2007 by King Tiziano I (Lodovico Della Vedova).


The Headquarters of the Gendarmerie, until September 2011, were located in Vignetia, in a little building in the southern part of the city. Then has been moved to the barracks of Piòn, near the Ossario Palace.

The new Headquarters in 2008, before the renovation of the building

The old headquarters in Vignetia continue to operate as a station.

Stations of the Gendarmerie

  • Ronchis Station
  • Vignetia Station
  • Colonia Station
  • Pion Station (Ossario Palace)
  • Pion Headquarters


The gendarmerie has jurisdiction over these territories:


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