House Zanori

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House Zanori
"Et furor clementiam"
Country Decracy of Yunivers
Titles Lords of Colat and Protectors of the Mountains (Until 2017)
Lords of Borgo Traghetto (Since 2018)
Current head Alice Zanori
Founding 1800 - 1850
Ethnicity Friulian

The House Zanori is one of the 5 great houses of the [[Decracy of Yunivers. They are the lords of the Province of Colat.


The family has been elevated to the rank of Great House by Tiziano I in 2009.
On December 28th 2017, the Sovereign Titianus II has announced with a Royal Decree that starting from 1st January 2018, House DeBiasio will replace House Zanori as feudatory vassal invested of the Province of Colat.
Many believe that this decision is a punishment against Alice Zanori, but the Central Protectorate has not yet provided an official explanation.