House Zanori

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House Zanori
"Et furor clementiam"
CountryDecracy of Yunivers
TitlesLords of Colat and Protectors of the Mountains (Until 2017)
Lords of Borgo Traghetto (Since 2018)
Current headAlice Zanori
Founding1800 - 1850

The House Zanori is one of the 5 great houses of the [[Decracy of Yunivers. They are the lords of the Province of Colat.


The family has been elevated to the rank of Great House by Tiziano I in 2009.
On December 28, 2017, the Sovereign Titianus II has announced with a Royal Decree that starting from 1 January 2018, House DeBiasio will replace House Zanori as feudatory vassal invested of the Province of Colat.
Many believe that this decision is a punishment against Alice Zanori, but the Central Protectorate has not yet provided an official explanation.