Borgo Traghetto

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Community of Borgo Traghetto


The waterfalls on the Rio Striato
Country Yunivers
Province Province of Teratiliventhia
Founded 2007

– Total TBC

Elevation 450 meters

– Citizens 2
– Residence 2
– Potential 30
– Density to be calculated

Time zone UTC+1

Borgo Traghetto is a town of Yunivers and the chief town of the Province of Teratiliventhia.


The italian word "Borgo" stays for "village" and "Traghetto" for "ferry", so "Village of the Ferry". This is because, before the construction of the bridge, the river Tagliamento was crossed by the ferry that departed from Borgo Traghetto for about 20 years.


The town is immersed in the forest of the Rio Striato, in the plain of the Tagliamento river.


In Borgo Traghetto there is a ferry dock and a beach on the river, that in summer is frequented by many tourists.


  • Route 1 from Borgo Traghetto to Colonia
The Rio Striato in Borgo Traghetto