Vilthian Feud

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A Vilthian Feud (furlan Chiscjel di Vilthie) is a type of administrative division of the Decracy of Vilthia.
The status of Feud is granted to those territories where the Overlord is the sole owner of the entire territory. For this reason, they are guaranteed with greater autonomy than the Provinces. A feud has the same structure of a province: is chaired by a Lord and the population has the right to elect a Council and a Captain Regent (a sort of Mayor). In the absence of a population that could elect him, there is no Captain Regent and Council. They can be appointed by the Sovereign or by the Grand Vicar during Sede Vacante. The feuds have a special statute: the main difference between a special statute and an ordinary statute of the provinces is that the special statute is adopted by constitutional law. The Feuds also have special powers to legislate. The Captain Regent or the Lord of a feud may issue special laws concerning the territory, decrees and ordinances. Also a special economic autonomy is granted to the Feuds.

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