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A Vilthian province (Furlan: Provincie di Vilthie) is a type of administrative division of the Decracy of Vilthia.
A Province is a territory where the Overlord is not the sole owner of the land, but there are also other noble feudal lords.
The Overlord who chairs the Province is appointed by the Sovereign with a feudal relationship, and he's generally the noble who owns most of the lands.
Citizens of a Province have the right to elect a Council and a Captain Regent (a sort of mayor), while the Lord remains the supreme authority in the Province. The Captain Regent must be confirmed by the Lord. The Council, which is responsible for the governance of the territory, is chaired by the Lord, and the Captain Regent appoints the 2/3 of the members (usually 6), the others members are part of the minority group. A province, not as a feud, does not have legislative and economic autonomy. The Captain Regent may issue decrees, which must be approved by the Lord within 72 hours, and then by the Sovereign. The provinces have jurisdiction on management and maintenance of the infrastructures and on some services.

Feudal government

The Feudal and noble bodies of a Province are:

  • The Feudal Lord, invested by the Sovereign;
  • The Feudal Vicinia, a council which includes the heads of every noble family in the Province.

Feudal Vicinia

The Feudal Vicinia is a council where the heads of noble families of the Province meet.
It is an advisory body of the Feudal Lord.
The Feudal Vicinia he has the right to request the Sovereign, with a majority vote, the removal of the local Lord.

Civil bodies

The civil government-bodies of a Province are:

  • The Captain Regent (a sort of mayor, delegated executive authority over the Province in the name of the Feudal Lord);
  • The Provincial Council elected by the citizens.

Provinces of Yunivers