Feud of Ildha

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Chiscjel da la Ilda
Typycal landscape in Ildha
Seal of Pozut
Coat of arms

Sigil of Ruling House
Country Decracy of Vilthia
Founded 2007
Incorporated 2007
Seat Rik
Largest city
 - Body Feudal Council
 - Lady Ilaria Comici
 - Captain Regent Milena Cosimi
 - Ruling House House Comici
Population (1 January 2020)
 - Feud 6
Internal-use postal code 30945

The Feud of Ildha (Furlan:Chiscjel da la Ilda) is a feud of the Decracy of Vilthia. It is ruled by House Comici.


Feudal Monogram of Ildha

The word "Ildha", in furlan just Ilda, is an anthropological placename, that comes from the first owner of this land, a certain "Ilda".


The Feud is a little hilly area covered with grass, where there are many crops and vineyards.

Inhabited places

The inhabited places within the Feud are:

  • Rik, feudal capital (pop. 2)
  • Fontagnelis, unorganized locality (pop. 4)


There is a railway station on the Pedemontana railway that connects Vilthia to Italy. The building hosts some offices and the headquarters of the Vilthian Transports Authority.


There is one road from Rik to Orthia and another one from Rik to the railway station in Fontagnelis, also connecting the feud to Italy.