Extraterritorial possessions of the Central Protectorate

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The Extraterritorial possessions of the Central Protectorate are those areas that are not within the territory of Yunivers, but are subject to the yuniversan sovereignty. They are defined External Protectorates when they are not incorporated, and Feuds if they are incorporated and integral part of the nation. Although part of Italian (or international) territory, them enjoy immunities, similar to those of foreign embassies.
They are, therefore, under the jurisdiction and control of Yunivers

Unincorporated territories

Protectorates in Italy

Protectorates in international territory (Antarctica)

Extraterritorial possessions in Italy

  • San Michele, an area of 2 km2 at 20 km from Yunivers
  • Tristan Palace
  • Comici Palace
  • Governatorate Palace
  • Zanori Palace
  • Villa Piccola
  • Villa Scatton

Incorporated territories