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Italian: Col
Fortress, Provincial Capital
Location: Col Colat,
Province of Colat
Built: 1908
Seat: House Zanori, Feudal lord
Lord: Alice Zanori
Castellan warden: Mattia Visin
Provincial seat of: Province of Colat
Status: in use

Col is a fortress of Yunivers. It's the seat of the Province of Colat and the feudal seat of House Zanori.


The fortress was used during the First World War as an underground battery, and during the Second World War as a refuge for civilians during aerial bombing. Although it is now the seat of the House Zanori, the members of the family reside in Zanori Palace, near Vignetia. The Fortress hosts the jurisdiction administrative offices and is run by the Castellan warden Mattia Visin.


The furlan word "Col" means "mountain" or "hill". So the name derives from the position of the fortress, on Mount Colat.


The fortress is situated on the slopes of Mount Colat. The area is characterized by deciduous forests and rugged ravines.