Trans-Yunivers Railway

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Trans-Yunivers Railway
Preserved operations
Operated byYuniversan Railways Company

The Trans-Yunivers Railway was a private railway line that ran through the territory of Vilthia roughly following the western border.
It was owned by the Central Protectorate, the Vilthia's Government.

The station of Mizzari, terminus


The railway was built in 1923 as a line for the transport of goods. It was owned by a company of a founding member of Vilthia.

In the summer period sporadic tourist services were organized. Despite this, the lines had not been used to transport goods for several years. Starting from 2018 the Governorate began to consider the idea of suspending the maintenance of the railway network, which weighed on the budget for about 4000 to 6000 euros per year. In 2019, the budget for the maintenance of the railway lines has been cut and the railway was officially closed with a decree issued by the Sovereign.
The tracks and stations remain a property of the Central Protectorate.


Trans-Yunivers Railway
ST-IU-d.png Flavuigne Depot
HL-IU.png Flavuigne
HL-IU.png Ponte sull'Arzino
HL-IU.png Sottocolle
HL-IU.png Poltaiba
HL-IU.png Yunivers-Vignetia
HL-IU.png Yunivers Centrale
HL-IU.png Cimares Depot (no passenger service)
HL-IU.png Cimares (Cimares Südbahnhof)
HL-IU.png Bridge on the Gerchia
HL-IU.png Colonia
HL-IU.png Gerchia
HL-IU.png Place of movement 2 - Stallon (closed)
HL-IU.png Place of movement 2 - Castelfranco (no passenger service)
HL-IU.png Mizzari
ST-IU-u.png Place of movement 4 - Pologna (closed)

Rolling Stock

  • Pendolino 150 (Officially Aln E-40) - sold in 2019
  • Wagon EnL 13 (cargo)
Pendolino 150 at the Bridge on the Gerchia Station

The rolling stock is stored in a warehouse located in a tunnel. From here on, the railroad continues for a hundred meters in Italian territory, after which the tracks were removed.

Repair of the Pendolino

In 2010 worked to repair the train 'Pendolino'. The train was in advanced state of neglect. The interior has been rearranged. Were installed 2 new electric motors that have been linked to the commands of the dashboard.

Passengers Service

The service was not performed regularly. Only in summer, sometimes daily trips were planned and scheduled. The railway was mostly used by the Yunivers Government only if necessary. The services were operated by Yuniversan Railways Company.

Freight Service

The railway is used by the Yunivers Government for the transport of materials and goods when needed.

The Pendolino today