Road signs in Baustralia

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The road signs in Baustralia are similar to North American, and some European style road signs, with a few differences. They are currently standardized under RIS 003-006. It replaced the former Baustralian Road Signals Standardization system. The system is imperial, except for speed limits, which are displayed in kilometres per hour, rather than miles per hour.

Roads in Baustralia are to be signed in accordance with the RIS 003 to 006 books in order to be designated as Baustralian Highways.

Obligatory signs

RIS 003 chapter 1 defines obligatory signs as signs of the highest degree of importance, and include stop, yield, and exclusionary signs. They use a red and white colour scheme.

Regulatory signs (RIS 003)

Permissive signs (RIS 004)

Interchange signs

Route markers

Baustralia has a series of standard route marker colours to assist users in deciphering the route, and for quick identification of re-routings, etc. Beige and brown signs are used to avoid confusion between former Highway 19 and the proposed Highway 19, for example.

Standard Reused
Scenic International
To Detour Emergency