Georgetown & Territories Railroad

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Georgetown & Territories Railroad (G&TRR)
Type Freight and passenger
System Part of Prsänëa government transport services
Status Operational
Locale Georgetown, Prsänëa
Termini Georgetown
Virginia City Mine
Stations Two
Services On demand
Opened 2008 (unorganized)
2011 (Organized as G&TRR)
Closed In Operation
Owner Prsänëa People's Republic
Operator(s) Internal and Government Affairs Office (Prsänëa)
Depot Georgetown
Rolling stock TBA
Line length TBA
Track length TBA
Track gauge 16.5 mm HO scale
Minimum radius of curvature 18°
Electrification In rail electrical current
Operating speed TBA
Highest elevation TBA
Maximum incline 3%

The Georgetown & Territories Railroad (abbreviated G&TRR; Prsänëan: Rälerøn Gschørjexoon oon Xiereloorësat; Esperanto: Ĝorĝurbeto kaj Teritorioj Fervojo) is a nationalized rail transportation company located in and owned by the Prsänëa People's Republic. The railroad operates an HO scale model train line in the style of steam age mountain railroading, and is currently in the process of establishing a minimum guage line with an approximated guage of one and a half feet throught the Prsänëan capital of Georgetown.

Route Maps

Level One


Level Two


Level Three