Georgetown, Prsänëa

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The Golden Gate as seen from the Barony of the Golden Gate
The Golden Gate as seen from the Barony of the Golden Gate
Map of the San Francisco Bay Area with both key areas of Georgetown
Map of the San Francisco Bay Area with both key areas of Georgetown
Established:February, 2010
Founded byJames Wilary
 • ArchdukeHSH Wilary I
 • Total.021 km2 (0.008 sq mi)
 (July 2013)
 • Total2
 • Density95/km2 (250/sq mi)

The Archduchy of Georgetown (French: Archiduché de Georgetown; Esperanto: Ĉefduklando de Ĝorĝtaŭno) or simply Georgetown, is a region of the Grand Duchy of Prsänëa. The administrative division is located in Santa Clara and San Francisco counties of California. It is the central region of Prsänëa and consists of the capital city of the Grand Duchy, the City of Georgetown, and the largest city in Prsänëa, the City of Victoria, along with the residence of the Grand Duke HRH Wilary I.


"Georgetown" was decided as the name for the national capital because of the then recent death of the second national pet, George the Hamster. Wanting a way to remember him by, “Georgetown” seemed most appropriate because of its use of the name of the late hamster, and for its simplicity. The Barony of the Golden Gate, the outer region of the Archduchy and inside San Francisco, was named for the famous waterway which the region looks over. "Victoria", the second city in the Archduchy, was named after the city of the same name in British Columbia, Canada, in honour of the Canadian city.



The territories around the area of Georgetown were unincorporated into any form of formal organization until February 2010 when it was officially established as a city. Beforehand, the region had been the de facto capital of the Royal reformed States of America since the nation's founding, and after the formation of the city, it became the de jure capital. Once the city had been established, a building project was commissioned into constructing a capital structure in Georgetown for the government seat. However, because of lack of activity on the project, the building wouldn't be completed until over a year later.

The "reformed" year

Later, when the capital had to be reorganized to accommodate the new styled People's reformed States Republic, it became known as the People's reformed Government District. During this time, it was referred to its official name, or PrGD, over its actual name. Not many things occurred during this period and the district was mostly utilized as a base for external activities.

Early 2011

Once the Prsänëa People's Republic was created from the regions formed into A1, the capital became a more active region for activity, but continued to still be less active then PPR activities abroad. The building project eventually was completed in April 2011 and dubbed the Sparkle Memorial Capital Building in honor of the first national hamster. However, the structure had to be removed on May 22.

File:Georgetown 2.jpg
View of the visitor center in Outer Georgwtown


During an expedition to Golden Gate National Recreation Area on August 20, another territory was claimed for Prsänëa near the tool booth of the Golden Gate Bridge. The region was to be administered as a separate territory in the PPR. Instead though, it was decided to make it a part of an extended Georgetown and was placed into the commune limits. It was first known as "Outer Georgetown", but was later named the “San Francisco District” when the region transferred into the Grand Duchy from A1.

Legal status


After being run as a "state" by the Royal reformed States of America and as the People's reformed Government District in the People's reformed States Republic, the Georgetown region was finally formed into a “commune”. This level of administrative division was a “state” level division in the Federated Republics. However, after being formed, it was decided to call it the “City and Commune” in the same style as the “City and County” of San Francisco. With the acquisition of Outer Georgetown, the capital district of the region was considered the “city” sector and Outer Georgetown was considered the more general “commune” portion.


Following the succession of Prsänëa from A1, the territories of the nation were revised to follow a monarchal and feudal style system instead of the previous republican styles. Under the Grand Duchy, it was decided that the most important region of Prsänëa should be the highest ranking noble land under that of a grand duchy, an archduchy. Being the central importance of Georgetown in Prsänëa, the region was decided to be elevated to the level of archduchy upon the foundation of the Grand Duchy.


Upon foundation of the Archduchy of Georgetown, the City of Georgetown was separated from the region as a whole. This made the Archduchy's authority above that of the city, and established them as two separate governmental authorities, and removed the San Francisco District from the lands of the city. The region was then organized with the Archduchy containing both the City and the District, and with the City administering itself within the Archduchy.


Climate & Geography

File:Georgetown plant 2.jpg
The Golden Poppy is a common flowering plant in Georgetown


File:Georgetown plant.jpg

Flora and Fauna

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