List of Siroccan highways

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Siroccan Highway Network
A1 Sirocco.png
Shield for the A1, Sirocco's most important highway.
Total length 14.2 km
Longest highway Continuous
A1 (3.19 km)
/ A25/B25 (5.81 km)
Shortest highway Provincial Highway 14

This is a list of highways in the Siroccan highway network. The network is maintained by Roadways SR.

Highway classification

A/M roads

A or M roads (such as the A1, the M1 and the A25) are major roads within Siroccan territory. A roads are chiefly main streets or roads linking towns or suburbs, or of some important significance. All motorways (M roads) are also considered A roads, such as the case with the M1, and M roads may only be part of an A road. For example, if a motorway was to be designated on a B road or Provincial Highway, the entire highway would need to be upgraded to an A level.

B roads

B roads (such as the B27) are major roads outside of Siroccan territory. B roads typically link highways together, and if they are part of another highway adopt that road's designation (such as the A25 and B25, the latter of which adopts the former's number).

Provincial Highways

Provincial Highways (such as Provincial Highway 16) are minor roads either inside or outside of Siroccan territory. Provincial Highways can be identified in their use of a black and white shield, and are usually city streets that are not considered busy or important enough to warrant an upgrade to A status. Unlike A, B and M roads, Provincial Highways are not restricted by Siroccan borders, and may freely cross them.


National Highways

No. From To Via Length (m) Notes
A1 Shelly Bay Gate Park Port Mayfair, Sussex Cliffs, Ballmore, Vista Cliffs, Rockport, Islington, North Alston, Belmont, Alston, Tara Corner 3,190 (3.1 km) Sirocco's longest National Highway.
Designated as the M1 between North Alston and Alston.
A2 Belmont Alston Matauri 44
A3 Tara Corner Tent Pegs National Forest 26
A5 Ballmore Rockport 210 Also known as the North East Passage.
A6 A5 near Ballmore Gap Port Ackland 21 Sirocco's shortest National Highway.
File:A7 Sirocco.png A7 Tre'wei Fort Konson The Dominion of Zona's only A road. Continues as B7 between Zageta and Konson.
A10 Ridgelow Ridgelow South 355
A11 Kent Kent Flat 91
A14 NW Castor Dependency SW Castor Dependency Castor Island, Cowan Island 90
A25 Maudon Bay
Commercial Bay
Millennium River
Sinclair Flat
Otanaki, Wharfdale, Clifden 2,364 (2.36 km) Continues as B25 between Millennium River and Commercial Bay
A26 Stony Bay Millennium River 606
A27 Wharfdale Department Creek 416 Continues as B27 from Department Creek.
Originally ran from Wharfdale to Tauwhara Bay.
File:A30 Sirocco.png A30 Bethells Beach Blacksands 467 The A30 crosses the lagoon formed at the mouth of the Waitakere River via a ford and as such is susceptible to submersion at high tide.


No. From To Via Length (m) Notes
M1 North Alston Alston Belmont, Gardenia 81 Sirocco's only motorway.

External Highways

No. From To Via Length (m) Notes
File:B7 Sirocco.png B7 A7 near Tre'wei A7 near Fort Konson Zona's only B road.
B25 Millennium River Commercial Bay Whananaki 3,452 (3.45 km) Sirocco's longest External Highway.
B27 Department Creek Tauwhara Bay 332 Formerly part of the A27.

Provincial Highways

No. From To Via Length (m) Notes
13 Matauri Gate Park Tuesday Heights 18
14 Tuesday Heights Highwick Park 12 Sirocco's shortest Provincial Highway.
15 Belmont Tent Pegs National Forest Gardenia 23
16 Islington Snell Cliffs 95
17 Rockport Vista Cliffs 104
20 North Alston A1 at Whangae South Road 115
30 Century Flat Clifden 240
31 Sinclair Flat Commercial Bay 1,055 (1 km) Sirocco's longest Provincial Highway.
32 Commercial Bay Whananaki South 400
42 Brookfield Lawson 605


No. From To Via Length (m) Notes
A4 Tara Corner Tent Pegs National Forest 26 Revoked when the A3 was moved to its current position.