Alston Motorway

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"M1" redirects here. For the highway numbered M1 in Amissopia, see Capital Line.

Alston Motorway
M1 Sirocco.png
Route information
Maintained by Roadways SR
Formerly Highway 20, Highway 20B, B1 and A2
Length 81 m (265 ft)
Existed November 2010 – present
Direction Northwest - Southeast
North North Alston
South Alston
Major interchanges
North end: A1 Sirocco.png/PH20 Sirocco.png A1/PH20 at North Alston
A2 Sirocco.png A2 at Belmont
PH15 Sirocco.png PH15 at Belmont
South end A1 Sirocco.png A2 Sirocco.png A1/A2 at Alston
Primary destinations North Alston, Belmont, Gardenia, Alston

The Alston Motorway (historically known as the Northern Motorway) is a motorway in Cambria, Sirocco. It links the provincial capital, Alston, to its northern suburbs and the northern end of the province. It is part of the A1. The highway is identified on signage and maps with the standard green and orange box with M1 in orange type.


The Alston Motorway starts in North Alston at the Northern Interchange, which it shares with the Rockport Highway. Initially it is a gravel road, but after seven metres becomes a fully concreted road. From here it is a smooth descent into Belmont, where it again becomes a gravel road at the Belmont Interchange. The motorway continues further southeast until it reaches its terminus at the intersection with Commonwealth Avenue and Hibiscus Street.

Speed limits

The Alston Motorway has one of the highest speed limits in Sirocco at 30 km/h for its entire length.

Quails on the M1 near North Alston in the early evening.


Territorial authority Location Exit number
(since 2013)
Former exit number
(to 2013)
Destinations Notes
Alston City North Alston 750 122 A1 Sirocco.png A1 Rockport Highway — Islington, Ackland District, Rockport, Port Ackland, Ballmore, Shelly Bay
PH20 Sirocco.png PH20 Glorious Highway — Maran District, Kingdom Bay
743 115 North Alston Road — Islington, Snell Cliffs Beginning of concrete surface
740 112 North Alston Postal Centre
721 93 Residential access Southbound entrance and exit only
717 89 North Alston Service Centre Northbound entrance and exit only
Belmont 688 60 Residential access
686 58 Residential access
682 54A/B Bridge Street — Gardenia
A2 Sirocco.png A2 Matauri Road — Belmont, Matauri End of concrete surface
680 52 PH15 Sirocco.png PH15 Ronda Street — Gardenia, Tent Pegs Southbound entrance and exit only
Exit previously known as Rhonda Street until 23 February 2013
Gardenia 673 45 Hereford Street — Gardenia Southbound exit only
Alston 669 41 A1 Sirocco.png A1 Hibiscus Street — Tara Corner, Tent Pegs, Gate Park
A2 Sirocco.png A2 Commonwealth Avenue — City Centre, Matauri