Ackland District

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Ackland District
Ackland District Council.png
NCD Map 3.png
Ackland District within Cambria (in green)
Country  Sirocco
Province NCD Flag.png Cambria
Incorporated 2011
Wards Ackland-Rockport (Port Ackland, Rockport, Ballmore)
Sussex (Sussex Cliffs, Port Mayfair)
Shelly (Sussex Bay, Ballance's Beach)
Population 0
Extent Shelly Bay to Ronald Island
Time zone NZST (GMT+12)
NZDT (GMT+13, summer only)
Postcode 210-219
Area code 23
Council seat Port Ackland

The Ackland District is a territorial authority in the northern part of Cambria province in Sirocco. The Ackland District is administered by the Ackland District Council, with headquarters in Port Ackland.

The district was originally in two parts, the smaller Rockport Shire, centred around Rockport and part of Vista Cliffs, and the larger Ackland District, centred around Port Ackland and Ballmore. However in mid-2011 the two were amalgamated with Ackland District merging with Rockport Shire to form a larger District extending from Ianson Island in the west to Ballmore Cliffs in the east.

Ackland District is divided into three wards, of which the Shelly Ward is by far the largest.